Workshop Description

These past few years have seen tremendous progress in the design and control of new low-dimensional conducting materials (e.g. carbon nanotubes, graphene dichalcogenides, oxyde interfaces, topological insulators) that offer  the possibility to investigate the combined effects of  their topological properties and electronic interactions. These are revealed through quantum transport, including proximity-induced superconductivity, tunnel spectroscopy, and spin dependent effects.

This workshop, organised in the context of a bi-nationally funded collaboration between the Université-Paris-Sud and the Hebrew University, will explore the role of interactions (spin-orbit, Coulomb, electron-phonon etc.) in these low-dimensional electronic systems. Topics addressed will include the generation of new topological phases of matter.

This workshop coincides with the last day of the Workshop on Oxide Electronics 22.

Registration is free but necessary.

Participants are encouraged to submit a poster.


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